Class Information

Wesley Learning Center curriculum is based on the Connecticut Early Learning Development Standards or CTELD’S set forth by the State of Connecticut.  We are confident that your child will achieve the academic success which will prepare him/her for future learning years.

For our younger children, learning depends on the trusting relationships they build with the important adults in their lives. Research on these relationships, especially the importance of secure attachments, explains how young children develop strong social and emotional skills when their needs are consistently met by trusted adults and when they have positive  interactions with those adults. When they know that they are safe, loved, and cared for, children are ready to venture out to explore everything around them. When adults encourage those explorations and share children’s excitement about new discoveries, children gain confidence in themselves as learners.

Each day our older children will concentrate on a specific area of learning such as Literature, Journal Writing, Art Appreciation, Science, Math, Alphabet Recognition, or Handwriting
Skills. All this is done in a safe, nurturing classroom space. There will be time for building friendships and acquiring independence during free choice, snack time, lunch, group activities, and
playground time.

Following are the tuition rates for the 2018-2019 academic year at Wesley.  We break down tuition into (10) payments per year.  The first payment is due June 1st, the second payment is not due until September 1st; and you would continue to make a payment on the first of each month.  Your tenth and final payment would be due May 1, 2019.

The THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLD PROGRAMS are held 5 days each week from 9:00 – 12:00.  Students bring a morning snack and a drink.  Please remember that we are a “Peanut Free Facility”.

5-Days per week:          $ 5,480.  Annual Tuition

4-Days per week:          $ 4,390.  Annual Tuition

3-Days per week:          $ 3,540.  Annual Tuition

2 Days per week:           $ 2,460.  Annual Tuition

A Socialization and Lunch Bunch Class is available from 12:00 to  1:30       5 DAYS each  week.


5-DAY EXTENDED DAY CLASS  held 9:00- 1:30 pm   held Monday thru Friday. Students bring snack and Lunch.

 Annual Tuition:  $6,700.  

Application Fee for all new students:   $75.

Registration Fee each year: $100.

Twos Program – 9:00 – 12:00

Offered Mon – Fri – Max (8) students

Program begins Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018

Monday’s  – Total tuition: $1250. – (10) payments of $125.00
Tuesday’s – Total tuition: $1330.. – (10) payments of $133.00
Wednesday’s -Total tuition: $1400.- (10) payments of $140.00
Thursday’s – Total tuition:   $1400. (10) payments of $140.00
Friday’s  –  Total tuition:  $1370.  (10) payments of $137.00
 **Same Application & Registration Fees apply as above.

Wesley Learning Center
92 Church Hill Road
Sandy Hook  CT  06482